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About Us

A Tradition of Excellence

Deriving from the islands of Hawaii and laying the foundation in Southern California Ted Tabura Karate brings history, experience, and wisdom that has been passed on to the elite instructors today. With the first black belt being earned in 1968 you are guaranteed a true from the source curriculum. 

With the dedication to providing students of all ages the opportunity to grow and develop through the martial arts to aid in the success in all aspects of life.  

Respect, discipline, loyalty, honor, and character are the foundation of Ted Tabura Karate-Do. 

• Family oriented • Positive environment • Self discipline • Respect • Confidence • Physical fitness 

• Coordination • Self defense • Traditional with modern teaching

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Grand Master Dai Shihan Ted Tabura

Born and raised in Hawaii, Shihan Tabura began his martial arts training under his cousin's tutelage in a backyard dojo. Later moving to Southern California, Ted discovered the Okinawa-te dojo headed by another Hawaii-born instructor, Shihan Gordon Doversola. While training at the Okinawa-te dojo, Tabura met John Louis (deceased) who became his final instructor in Okinawa-te, then Lima Lama. Sensei Louis ranked Tabura as a Black Belt in 1968. 

Shihan Tabura was dubbed 'The Sickle Man' by Sijo Adriano Emperado, founder of Kajukenbo, for his expertise in the use of the Japanese kama (sickles). That nickname stuck with Shihan Tabura for many years. He was one of the highest ranks in the world in the arts of Okinawa Te and Lima Lama.

Greatly loved and missed. August 26, 1940 - August 12, 2013

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The Art

Ted Tabura Karate-Do - Lima Lama / Okinawa-Te  Is a combination of Lima Lama ( Polynesian self defense), Okinawa-Te, Aikido, Escrima, and Kung Fu. Our style is a very practical and effective self-defense for all ages and skill levels beginner to advanced.

Meet The Our Instructors

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